November Literary Birthdays

Select a book and create your time for READING…


Today is Halloween–and tonight I will be minding the door for trick-or-treaters.  It will be nice to have my stack of “November” books at my side in the library to look through when there is no one at the door–or between times.

November has a full house of literary birthdays—and two very special family ones, too!

Choose an author, select a book and enjoy a good read in the month of November.

Nov 1           Stephen Crane                     The Red Badge of Courage
Nov 4          Ivan S Turgenev                   First Love
____remember?  Turgenev was mentioned in “la niece de Flaubert”
Nov 7          Albert Camus                         The Stranger
Nov 8         Margaret Mitchell                 Gone with the Wind
Nov 10       Oliver Goldsmith                   She Stoops to Conquer and collections

Nov 11      Fyodor Dostoevsky                       Crime and Punishement
Nov 13     Robert Louis Stevenson              a whole bunch–see photos, including a couple
__of oldies: A Christmas Sermon, and New Arabian Nights;  also I cheated and included…

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